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Wabi-Sabi Design

Originating in 16th century Japan, the term “Wabi” signifies rustic simplicity while “Sabi” means beauty that enhances with time hence Wabi-Sabi style emphasizes on the principle of imperfection. The wear and tear, cracks, holes, scratches, fade marks, chips are seen as sign of character and memoir. Wood, stone and clay are key materials used in wabi-sabi style. The log coffee table for example in its natural, textured and unprocessed state will add a level of earthiness and warmth to your living space.  The design style focuses on the art of minimalism like the cane sideboard in its raw, unpolished appearance with wide cabinets that caters multi-functional storage needs thereby allowing spaciousness and calmness to enter you home. Neutral color tones such as beige, grey and brown is preferred for coherence and stability. Moreover, hand-made objects are utilized like clay pots to embrace personalized imperfect touch and bringing soul to your home.

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